Fat Positive Apparel

We are a few days into 2017 and I am already sick of Oprah's latest Weight Watchers commercial on repeat and the constant touting of "New Year, New You." You are certainly free to do whatever you want with your own body but it also most certainly sucks that loving your fat body doesn't seem to be viewed as a valid option for a lot of the messaging we get around this time of year. Sporting fat positive apparel and accessories is just one way that I choose to assert autonomy over my own fat body. 

Loving your fat body and expressing that through what you say, wear, and do is a radical act. I like to use fashion as a means of personal empowerment and it's also one of the ways that I like to challenge the stigma against fat bodies. January, in particular, is filled with so many messages that fat bodies are bad. This month (and every month really), it's important to send a message that you and your fat body are beautiful, worthy and don't require anyone else's approval to feel that way.

So here are my favorite fat positive apparel and accessories to wear to start 2017 off unapologetically fat. 

Middle Finger Dress
Fat Positive Apparel

Middle Finger Hands Pattern Dress, Amazon

If someone tries to police your body and tell you what to wear, just wear this middle finger skater dress. It's available up to a size 5X. 

Big Thighs, Big Dreams Tee

Fat Positive Apparel

Big Brows, Big Thighs, Big Hair & Big Dreams, Feminine Funk

This fat positive v-neck tee features from indie t-shirt boutique features white lettering. It's available up to a size 4X. 

Fat & Thriving Tee

Fat Positive Apparel

Fat & Thriving Tee, Ready to Stare

Wear it as a crop. Wear it in blue or black. But either way, tell them that you're fat AND thriving in this tee. Remaining sizes available up to 4XL. 

Fat Bitch Necklace 

Fat Bitch Necklace

Fat Bitch Necklace, Black Heart Creatives

Make a statement in this Fat Bitch necklace. Available in every color from baby pink to shimmer blue. 

Fat Unicorn Pencil Skirt

Fat Positive Apparel

Chubster Fat Unicorn Pencil Skirt, JoolzFashion

 This skirt is covered with fat unicorns! What could be more magical!? Available up to a UK 32 or US 28. 

Don't Talk To Me Tee

Fat Positive Apparel

 Don't Ask Me About..., wildblacksheep

 Want to avoid awkward family dinner convos about your weight? Try this tee! available in seven colors up to a size 5XL.

Diet Industry Dropout Crop Top

Fat Positive ApparelDiet Industry Dropout, Chubby Cartwheels

Tell diet culture to eff off in the Chubby Cartwheels Diet Industry Dropout tee. Available in cropped or full length up to a 5XL. 

Fat Conceited Bitch Windbreaker

Fat Positive Apparel

Fat Conceited Bitch Custom Windbreaker, Flaws of Couture

This windbreaker is everything I've ever wanted to say on a piece of clothing. Available up to a 4X.

Fat As Fuck Pin

Fat As Fuck Pin

Fat as Fuck Pin, Hermade Collective

This small pin sends a BIG message. 

Morbidly Obsessed Tee

Fat Positive Tees

I'm Morbidly Obsessed with Myself, Ready to Stare

When the health concern trolls strike, wear this tee. Available up to a 5XL.

Ideal Weight Tee

Fat Positive Tees

My Ideal Weight..., wildblacksheep

Puppies >>> Policing Someone's Body

Swimming In Pizza One Piece


Cartoon Pizza with Confetti One Piece, Amazon

What's more fun than pizza all over your bathing suit? A pizza one piece with a confetti pattern of course. Available up to 3XL.

Still Paid Tee

Fat Positive Tees

Still Fat, Still Sexy, Still Paid Contoured Tee, Flaws of Couture 

I have this tee so expect to see it on me soon! Available up to a size 4X.

Plus Size Barbie Necklace

Plus Size Barbie Necklace

Plus Size Barbie, imyourpresent

I love the idea of a plus size barbie (and not just a 'curvy one'). Expect some Fat Barbie looks from yours truly soon. 

Don't Tell Me What To Wear Crop Top

Fat Positive Apparel

Don't Tell Me What to Wear Crop Top, JoolzFashion

Wear whatever you want but in particular this JoolzFashion crop top available up to a UK 32 or US 28! 

So this year, go forth and be unapologetically fat! If you have any other fat positive apparel and accessory items I should know, leave them in the comments below!