Plus Size Bloggers: Lingerie As Outerwear

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For today's blog, I teamed up with Marcy and Char, two of my fellow On The Plus Side experts, to show how we each style one of their new intimates items. As y'all already know, I am no stranger to the trend of wearing plus size lingerie as outerwear and I leaped at the chance to try out lingerie from one of my favorite extended plus lines.

The Magic Lift Figure Sculpt Bra comes in three colors and is available in sizes 44C -56F. I am a size 42D in bras which translates to a 44C. This bra was super supportive. It had the comforts of a bralette but the structure of an underwire bra. It's definitely one to try out! 

Plus Size Lingerie As Outerwear
Marcy, Char and I all have different yet similar styles so I loved seeing how we each styled a different color of the same bra using similar piece. Check out what we all had to say about how to style plus size lingerie as outerwear!

Marcy Cruz, Fearlessly Just Me

 Plus Size Lingerie as Outerwear

"This challenge was definitely something major for me because my style is fun and I like to have some sexy elements in my looks with small details but I tend to be more conservative when it comes to showing skin in public.

It takes confidence to rock a bra outdoors, even under a jacket and I have to say, once I did it, I felt free, sexy and empowered. This is my body and I can wear whatever I want to. Yeah!

This challenge reminded me that I have to dress for me and not for the world. Someone will always have something to say but if I love what I am wearing and own it, that’s all that matters. Plus, I’m digging the idea of wearable lingerie. Up next for me is a corset!"

Chardline Chanel-Faiteau, Plus Size Beausion

Plus Size Lingerie As Outerwear

"When I was tasked with styling wearable lingerie, I was puzzled. Initially, I thought, "Maybe I should play it safe and use the bra as a pop of lace paired with a cami. As soon as I saw my beige Magic Lift Figure Support Bra, I was so bored with that it was an insult to MY creative. I love bold prints, daring cuts, and SKIN! I knew I could've dug deeper.

I love this look because it was renewing and DEFINITELY something different my usual looks.  

I did something similar to this when I went to California. Even though I got stares (from my friends included), no one stared at them for their same exact clothing choice. Since then, I realized I can't control anyone's opinion of me, just my own of myself."

Yours Truly, Ready to Stare

Plus Size Lingerie as Outerwear

I have worn lingerie as outerwear on a number of occasions. Whether wearing a bodysuit with a skirt or mesh top over a bra, I would consider lingerie to be a staple in my wardrobe and critical to the current execution of my personal style.

For this feature, I wanted to challenge myself to try this trend in a different way. So I went in search of a neutral blazer to pair with my pink Magic Lift Figure Support Bra

When styling bras in everyday looks, I try to think of a bra like a crop top and I build the look based on that. Once I found the perfect vintage oversized camel blazer, I added a pair of high-waisted jeans and pink heels to go alongside the bra.

Plus Size Lingerie As Outerwear


Magic Lift Figure Support Bra, c/o On The Plus Side

Violet Spike Earrings, julesellingtonshop on Etsy

Camel Colored Blazer, Vintage

Skinny Jean with Short Inseam, Fashion to Figure

Light Pink Pumps, Amazon

Plus Size Lingerie As Outerwear

So what do y'all think? Is plus size lingerie as outerwear a trend that you want to try? Let me know in the comments below!