Although it doesn't always look like it in my pictures, I represent for team petite plus. At just over five feet, I am used to being one of the shortest ones in the room. When it comes to dressing, my height can present its own challenges and of course, I say challenges rather than limitations because I can still wear anything at any height. And the same goes for the other end of the height spectrum!

So today, I teamed up with my blogger boo Ramona from Tall Tales by Ramona O. to bring you, #DOPEatAnyHeight, a collaborative project where we share our experiences about dressing at each end of the height spectrum and show you how the same outfit looks on both of us. At nearly 6 feet tall, Ramona stands just about a whole foot taller than me and as the pictures will show you, we can both rock the same outfit with ease. 


When it comes to the advantages of my height, I always get to be in the front row for group pictures and when people are feeling nice, they sometimes let me stand in front of them at concerts so I can see. In terms of dressing, my height is probably related to my shoe size as well and I don't have to shop for shoes in sizes 11+ as some taller plus size babes do. 

Thinking about the disadvantages of my height are easy because they are mostly practical, I need to keep a step stool in every room of my house especially my kitchen. Middle and top shelf cabinets are basically useless to me without the stool. One of the most romantic things my ex ever did for me was buy me a step stool for his place. I have to sit very close to my steering wheel to reach the pedals. In terms of clothing, my main challenge is length. If pants especially jeans are not offered in a short or ankle length, I can expect them to be a good six inches too long on me. And forget any pants are supposed to be cropped. Maxis almost always have a train on me and some midis are more like maxis. 

Tips for Petite Plus Size Shopping 
  • When shopping for pants, look for brands that make different lengths. SimplyBe makes wide leg pants in extra short. Fashion to Figure and Rue21 both sell jeans in short lengths.
  • Try things on! Because of my height, I never know how things are going to fit so whenever possible, I try things on in person before purchasing. Sometimes things are way too long as I expected and sometimes things fit just right.
  • Turn long tees and tunics into dresses! If you are a regular #StareStyle reader, you probably already know that I often go sans pants with longer shirts because I can. This is one way that I make my height an advantage!
  • Find a tailor that you love or look for brands that offer custom options. Many indie designers (Ready to Stare) included can make length adjustments on handmade items. I regularly request this from certain designers so that my mini skirts don't fall below my knees
  • Don't be afraid to wear flats! There's nothing wrong with being short so if heels aren't your thing then don't feel like you have to wear them just to look taller! YOU ARE DOPE AT ANY HEIGHT! 

My tall plus size babes can check out Ramona's tips here!

You can find the skirt and crop top we are wearing from Forever21 and the chain belts are Ready to Stare. 

What are your tips for being DOPE at Any Height? Let me know in the comments below!


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