Plus Size Travel Essentials from Amazon

I have been planning going back to Italy since I returned from my last trip twoyears ago and now, the moment I've been waiting for is finally here. To get ready for my trip, I've been slowly stocking up on all of my plus size travel essentials from Amazon. 

As I came across a whim of anything I may need for this trip, Amazon was the first place that I searched. For clothing and accessories, I wanted to focus on a mix of bold prints and practicality. When it comes to travel, especially as a plus size person, it's important for me to find pieces that are comfortable but that still reflect my personal style. 
Here's a list of everything I'm bringing on my trip to Italy and they are from Amazon! Many of them are available on Prime so you can get them quickly (like I did for a few of these) if you remember you need something last minute. 

This post contains some affiliate links and I'll earn a small commission if you shop through them.  This is one of the ways I can continue to bring you amazing content!

1. Floral Tote

Plus Size Travel Essentials from Amazon

Rosetti Anytime Tote Bag

In my everyday life, I carry a small mini backpack as a purse but for travel, I knew I needed something bigger. This one features a zipper closure which is super important for travel as well as a matching mini coin purse. 

2. Sensible Wedges

Plus Size Travel Essentials from Amazon

Peep-Toe Wedges

I love to wear heels but I have spent enough time in Italy to know that heels and cobblestone streets are a bad combination. These wedges are sensible but still give some height. 

3. Marble Print Sunglasses

Plus Size Travel Essentials from Amazon - Marble SunglassesMarble Print Sunglasses

I've been searching for marble print sunglasses and of course, Amazon came through with the perfect pair. These are not for the faint but they are exactly what I wanted. 

4. PainZone

Plus Size Travel Essentials from Amazon - PainZone


My family is not known for taking relaxing vacations and that's okay with me! But this time, I am going to be prepared for the inevitable aches and pains after a long day of walking tours through ancient gardens and ruins with PainZone!

Also, don't forget to check out my review of ChafeZone here! 

5. Peach Floral Kimono

Plus Size Travel Essentials from Amazon - Floral Kimono

Peach Floral Kimono

I've gotten so many kimonos on Amazon already this summer because they are so versatile to pair with swimwear or a day look. This one is a one size fits all that actually works for my plus size frame. 

6. Wet Dry Brush

Plus Size Travel Essentials from Amazon - Travel Wet Dry Brush

Mini Wet Brush

I have three wet brushes - two full size and now one mini one. My hair is unruly and I remember when I lived in Italy how many combs I broke over the course of those four months. I am not taking any changes - I had to bring a brush I know will untangle my hair! 

7. Beach Dress

Plus Size Travel Essentials from Amazon - Beach Dress

Blue Striped Beach Dress

I am going to be on the Amalfi Coast and on the island of Capri so I wanted a flowy dress that match my surroundings. This dress is budget-friendly and super cute. 

8. Dry Touch Sunscreen

Plus Size Travel Essentials from Amazon - Dry Touch Sunscreen

La Roche-Posay Dry Touch Suncreen

It seems like every summer, I burn myself once really badly at the beginning of my vacation and am miserable for the rest of the trip. I am determined to break that tradition. I got this sunscreen before my trip last month to Las Vegas and I am happy to report that I left that trip sunburn free!

9. Harem Jumpsuit

Plus Size Travel Essentials from Amazon - Harem Jumpsuit

Striped Harem Jumpsuit (sold out but similar)

Does anything LOOK more comfortable than a plus size harem jumpsuit? I plan on wearing this on a heavy travel day during the trip and I'll report back.

10. Lime Green Wristlet

Plus Size Travel Essentials from Amazon - Wristlet

Soft Faux Leather Wristlet Crossbody Bag

I know I will be using the tote when I'll be bringing my camera but I wanted a more compact option as well. This purse can be worn as a wrislet or a crossbody bag. SCORE. 

11. Polka Dot Bikini

Plus Size Retro High Waist Bikini

Retro High Waist Bikini

This bikini is certainly budget-friendly so I was initially skeptical but upon trying it on, I was really impressed by the fit of the bottoms especially. I would prefer more support in the top but it's not going to leave me without a top on if a big wave comes. It's also available in sizing up to a 5X in a few colors. 

12. Stylish Sneakers

Plus Size Travel Essentials from Amazon - Adidas Superstars

Adidas Originals Women's Superstar Sneakers

For as many shoes as I own, I am far from a sneakerhead but I wanted to get a cute stylish pair to wear on my more casual days. Adidas Superstars are a classic! 

13. Pink Shades

Plus Size Travel Essentials from Amazon - Pink Wayfarer Sunglasses

Pink Wayfarer Sunglasses

All of my sunglasses are oversized or cateye so this wayfarer style is new for me but one I'm excited to try. 

14. Travel Tripod

Plus Size Travel Essentials from Amazon - Travel Tripod

Universal Smart Phone Stand

I have a big tripod for my camera but I don't use it very often. It's definitely too bulky to travel with but I wanted to have a back up option in case my family got tired of taking my picture (the life of a blogger amirite?!). Fellow plus size blogger Margot Meanie suggested this one to me and I am excited to try it. 

15. Tassel Trim Top

Plus Size Travel Essentials from Amazon - Oversized Tassel Top

Tassel Trim Personality Oversize T-Shirts

Admittedly, this top is not super oversized on my plus size body but I still really like it. The pattern coupled with the tassels is super fun. 

16. Plug Adapter

Plus Size Travel Essentials from Amazon - Plug Adapter

European Plug Adapter

This item isn't fun but boy is it necessary! I gotta be able to charge my phone so I can keep that InstaStory updated! 

So there you have it! I gotta jet. No, literally!!!! Make sure you follow all of my Italy adventures on Instagram, @readytostare.