Plus Size Makeover

Stepping out of your style comfort zone is no easy feat. Sometimes you need a little nudge to get you to try something new and that's exactly where plus size styling service Dia&Co can help. When you sign up to for Dia&Co., you get the opportunity to work with a personal stylist who sends new styles for you to try right to your doorstep. 

I first tried out Dia&Co in 2015. I was impressed with the pieces that my personal stylist picked out for me. I tried out a tulle skirt, a romper and so many other goodies. I wanted to introduce my friend Amber to Dia&Co because I knew she had some reservations about trying new styles. Amber is a Cleveland-based fashion photographer who I've been lucky to work with many times. She has an amazing creative eye but she doesn't take a lot of risks with her personal style. Amber is around fashion bloggers and models all the time but I wanted to turn the camera back on her. 

Watch how Dia&Co helped Amber shake up her personal style! And sign up for Dia&Co here!!! 

Signing up for Dia&Co. is so simple and you can get new clothes without leaving the comforts of home! You start by creating a styling profile and paying the $20 styling fee which is later applied towards any purchase you make after receiving your box. Next you choose a subscription option which allows you to decide how often you'll be receiving your boxes. Options range from immediately to requesting one when you feel like it. You are then matched with a stylist who hand picks pieces just for you based on the questions you answered on your style profile.

Your box will arrive with five pieces and a personal note from your stylist. You have five days to try on everything and decide what you want to keep or send back. You receive a pre-addressed label to send any items back and shipping is free both ways. If you keep all five pieces, you not only receive the $20 credit from your styling fee, but you also get 20% off your entire order. This is truly a total win for plus size babes looking to try out new styles and avoid the hassle of online shopping or going to the mall. 

So what are you waiting for?! Give Dia&Co a try and make sure you let me know how it goes and if they nailed your box the way they did with Amber!