Plus Size Winter Coat

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Every year when winter rolls around, I bemoan the idea that I will have to be covering up an otherwise cute outfit with a plus size winter coat. As I continue on my self love journey, I work on making a more conscious effort to see challenges as opportunities. Since I have vowed to take a more positive look on things I would normally complain about in the past, I decided that winter coming simply presented me with the opportunity to fill my closet with cute coats.

As I searched online and in stores for coats, I looked for comfort, style and a good fit. Some coats already in my closet meet the style requirement but one in particular that I love aesthetically no longer has working front buttons. This has made wearing that coat in the winter somewhat pointless. But I remained hopeful and when I discovered the grey tweed coat from On The Plus Side, I had finally found one coat that I was all too happy to add to my closet.

Plus Size Winter Coat

Unlike other tweed coats I have tried in the past, the fabric of the coat isn’t scratchy at all. It’s unlined so the texture of the fabric is super important. It has side pockets and a snap button front. And very important on my list, the buttons snapped readily and easily!

Plus Size Coat

At the collar, there’s an extra button closure. I love the wide oversized collar. And like a lot of the pieces I’ve tried from On The Plus Side, it’s both functional and stylish. The coat is available from 1X-5X currently and I am wearing the 2X which fits me perfectly. I am only wearing a t-shirt underneath but I could comfortably wear a sweater underneath and still be comfortable -- another challenge of finding a well-fitting coat.

Plus Size Winter Coat

I paired the coat with skinny jeans from On The Plus Side. They are super stretchy like a hybrid between jeans and jeggings. I am not one to lounge around in jeans but I found myself wearing these jeans all day while I was at home without even thinking twice about it.

Plus Size Winter Coat

These jeans are available up to a 7X which is so amazing. I’m wearing the 2X and that was definitely the right fit for me. If I had been wearing different shoes, I could’ve scrunched the pants at the ankles and they would’ve been okay length-wise but I opted to just roll them up instead.

So as I start off a new year stylistically, I am blending my self love goals with my personal style aesthetic. I am going to work continue to remove the phrase “I can’t wear that” or “that’s not for me” from my fashion vocabulary and I am going to see style challenges as opportunities to try something a different way.  

Plus Size Winter Coat


Grey Tweet Coat, On The Plus Side

Smash The Patriarchy Tee, c/o MommyCon

Skinny Jeans, On The Plus Side

Velvet Clutch, Old Navy

Beige Lace Up Wedges, Thrifted 

What are your style resolutions this year? Let me know in the comments below! And make sure you shop more pieces from On The Plus Side here!