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Even though there have been times in my life where I wasn’t plus size, I’ve never been able to fit into anything labelled, “one size fits all.” When I see that label somewhere at this point, it almost makes me laugh to think how few people that one size is actually fitting. Bodies come in so many different shapes and sizes, there’s rarely one garment could fit all of them and that’s perfectly okay. But what that doesn’t mean is that certain styles should only be available in a set size range and if it doesn’t fit you then shame on you for not being the “all” they were talking about.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve tried on a “one size fits all” style cape only to find that it doesn’t fit me. It’s frustrating to feel like I’ve had to miss out on the fall cape trend just because there weren’t options that worked for me. But when I tried out this  plus size reversible cape from On the Plus Side, I found that there was finally a style that I could confidently say fits all.

plus size capes

This cape is so soft and with the fringe on the bottom, it’s almost like wearing a blanket. This happened to be the first truly chilly day so I was happy to have the cape to wear as a substitute for a jacket. And it was plenty wide enough to wrap around in the front totally comfortably.

The outside of the cape features soft beige, grey and yellow accents while the inside features more browner earth tones. It’s actually fully reversible so you can throw it on either way. The almost leaf-like pattern on the beige side fit more into my current fall aesthetic so I wore it that way.

I paired the cape with a tan floppy hat, a grey sweatshirt, jean shorts, tights and chunky boots for a comfy casual look. I know it’s very cliche fall but if wearing a cape and a floppy hat makes me basic well then, give me a pumpkin spice latte too while you’re at it.

The cape style is so versatile to me. And it makes me so happy that On the Plus Side makes this and other plus size outerwear options that really fit a full range of sizes.

This cape taught me that “one size fits all” doesn’t have to be cringe-worthy. When brands think about their customers and they use the label accurately then the result of one garment that can be worn in different ways on different bodies is actually quite a beautiful thing.

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