Plus Size Bike Shorts: Function Meets Fashion
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Over the years, one of my go-to solutions to combat summer thigh chaffing or chub rub has been a sturdy pair of cotton bike shorts. I’ve always opted for black bike shorts and while I’m not throwing in my plus size black bike shorts for good, I’ve added a new color option to my chub rub prevention arsenal: white plus size bike shorts from On The Plus Side.

There was definitely a time in my life where I resented the fact that I couldn’t wear a dress or skirt in the summer without a pair of bike shorts. I had to think about whether or not my shorts would show before buying certain length garments. But the more I’ve worn bike shorts with a number of looks, I’ve learned to embrace the bike shorts that have done a great job of keeping my legs free from painful irritation.

Plus Size Bike Shorts: Function Meets Fashion

So today instead of hiding my bike shorts, I planned my whole outfit around them. I found this white sheer plus size swim cover-up and I knew that the best way to style it was to try out my new white bike shorts underneath.

I really like how the length of these shorts hit right above the knee so the shorts peaked out right below the cover-up. Add in a plain white tank I would normally keep hidden and this is an all new take on undergarments as outerwear.

Plus Size Bike Shorts: Function Meets Fashion

Wearing all white was something else that I always shied away from in the past. I feared not only that I would spill something on myself but I also worried about what others would say how my thighs looked in white. But my thighs are my thighs whether or not they are in white shorts and I refuse to hide or change what I wear for anyone else.

Plus Size Bike Shorts: Function Meets Fashion

So here’s to fashion meeting function. I get to challenge my own fashion fears and prevent chub rub at the same time. If white isn’t your thing, these plus size bike shorts also come in navy and black. They are available in 1X-7X. I am wearing the 3X for reference.

Plus Size Bike Shorts: Function Meets Fashion


White Plus Size Bike Shorts - c/o On The Plus Side

Lace Crochet Mini Dress - c/o Amazon

Metal Frame Mirror Sunglasses - c/o Amazon

White Flatform Sandals - Rue21 (similar on Amazon)

What do you think? Can you see yourself rocking white plus size bike shorts? Let me know in the comments below!