Today, I am so excited to bring you a first look at indie designer Christian Ome'Shun's new Fall Cosmopolitan Collection in collaboration with Tall Talles by Ramona O for #DOPEatAnyHeight. In addition to getting a first look at the collection, you can get 10% off your total purchase from Christian Ome'Shun with the code "READYTOSTARE." 

#DOPEatAnyHeight is an ongoing project between blogger Tall Tales by Ramona O. and I. At nearly a foot apart, Ramona and I face different, yet similar challenges when shopping. #DOPEatAnyHeight is our way of showcasing that you can wear any style across the plus size height spectrum. 

One of the easiest ways to solve the ongoing length challenge of plus size shopping when you're petite or tall is working directly with an indie designer to create something custom for your height. Indie designers such as the uber-talented A'Shontay Hubbard of Christian Ome-Shun are often creating every piece by hand so adjusting the patterns to accommodate length isn't as much of a challenge as let's say a major mainstream brand making an entire line of items in a certain length. This is one of the many advantages to shopping directly with an indie designer. 

When Ramona and I first met with A'Shontay about the collection, I was immediately drawn to the rich colors in the collection. All of the items are available in black, burnt orange, royal purple and army green. The collection has a total Fall vibe but at the same time, it's also chic and cosmopolitan. The first look that I tried on was the cold shoulder set and from the moment I tried it on, I felt BANGIN'. 

A'Shontay was able to adjust the length of the crop top for both me and Ramona so that it hit where we wanted it to on each of our torsos. As someone who is often rolling up crop tops or knotting them in the back to get them to be short enough, having a crop top made in the right length from jump is huge for me! Our skirts are both the same standard length which hits Ramona at the knee and me slightly below. 

Next, I tried on the Ramona Jumpsuit. It's an off-the-shoulder jumpsuit with wide pant legs. If you're a regular #StareStyle reader then you know that wide leg pants are a style that I've faced challenges with wearing in the past.

Finding a jumpsuit that's the right length is usually no cake-walk either, but right away A'Shontay put me at ease that she would be able to create this style in a length that worked for me. And not only did she create a jumpsuit that wasn't too long, she made it so I could wear it WITH FLATS. I am still in shock about this feat. 

Ramona has struggled with finding jumpsuits that were long enough for her to wear with heels so in the same way that my jumpsuit was made extra short, hers was made extra long. And we both slayed this look! 

The last Christian Ome'Shun piece that Ramona and I tried on was the Selena DressIt features a high-cut neckline and a ruffled bottom. On Ramona, the dress is a midi length, but when I tried on the same dress, it was a maxi on me. 

 As soon as I put on this dress, Ramona and A'Shontay flipped out about the way that the dress fit on me. The same dress that hit Ramona slightly above mid-calf, hit me right around the ankles as a maxi dress. Both Ramona and A'Shontay said that this dress in white could be my wedding dress and when I looked in the mirror, I couldn't help but agree. 

My experience during the fitting inspired A'Shontay to make the dress available in two lengths and this is how the Ready to Stare Maxi was born. It's pretty damn special to me that my height, which has always been a challenge, actually inspired a new creation. 

Working directly with Christian Ome'Shun on the fit on these garments was a truly amazing experience. As a customer, I felt listened to. I didn't feel like my height was a detriment or a flaw in any way; but rather, my height was a benefit that actually inspired a new design! I can't wait to see all different plus size women rocking these pieces (but especially the Ready to Stare Maxi)! 

Use code "READYTOSTARE" to get 10% off your entire order at Christian Ome'Shun

To order custom lengths of any of the pieces, email and make sure you tell her that Ready to Stare sent you!