Best Friend Friday: Turning 30 in NYC with Loralette

Kristen, my best friend of 15 years, has been terrified to turn 30 for years. Over the past few months, we have been focusing on her accomplishments and setting goals. To celebrate this milestone birthday, we teamed up with one of my new favorite trend-driven plus size brands, Loralette to show you what 30, flirty and thriving looks like on Kristen!

I was there too to show my support and to take in her wisdom for my own 30th birthday which is only six months away. To celebrate the big 3-0, Kristen decided that she didn't want to do it in Cleveland where we live. She suggested heading to New York and since one of our big 30 era goals is moving to New York, I agreed that this was an excellent plan!

Plus Size Skirted Romper - Loralette

Floral Skirted Romper, c/o Loralette

Kristen has a strong personal style but I am definitely more of the fashion risk-taker between the two of us. She has been wanting to try a romper and I thought this Floral Skirted Romper from Loralette was the perfect introduction to age 30 and the plus size romper trend. Kristen never thought she could wear something like this but look at her wearing a romper and looking amazing. 

Over the years, I've watched Kristen absolutely blossom into the hard-working career-driven woman that she is today. Even with all that I've watched Kristen accomplish, she was really stressed about turning 30. She had a list of things she felt like she should have checked off by this age. Most of the things on Kristen's must-accomplish-by-30 list weren't really based on Kristen's actual life path but more of what society tells you that you should accomplish by 30. 

Plus Size Skirted Romper

I couldn't help but wonder how much time we spend focusing on how someone else defines as success instead of defining it for ourselves. Success is subjective and it looks different for everyone. At 30, there's no way I wouldn't consider Kristen to be a total badass. I challenged Kristen to re-think success and focus on what she has done.

Best Friend Friday: Turning 30 in NYC with Loralette Plus Size

In her 20s, Kristen did three major cross country moves. For most people, that is scary to do once! Kristen has changed careers and found something she truly loves to do. She's traveled all over the US and most recently with me to Italy. Sure, she's not married but she left relationships where she would've been settling to stay in them. I've watched Kristen grow, thrive and learn to put herself first. That is a BIG deal. 

Best Friend Friday: Turning 30 in NYC with Loralette Plus Size

Flutter Sleeve Chambray Dress, c/o Loralette

I am so proud to call Kristen my best friend. I am so excited that we have been best friends for nearly half our lives. Again, that's something to celebrate! I was happy to be able to ring in this birthday in one of my favorite cities. For my look, I picked out this flutter sleeve chambray dress from Loralette

Best Friend Friday: Turning 30 in NYC with Loralette Plus Size

Loralette is focused on the younger, digitally-focused plus size babe and that is totally my aesthetic. I am forever wanting my sleeves more dramatic and my dresses shorter. Chambray is a totally classic fabric but the cut of this dress is so fresh and modern. 

Best Friend Friday: Turning 30 in NYC with Loralette Plus Size

Plus Size Chambray Dress

As a sister brand to Avenue, Loralette features similar sizing and quality to Avenue but at a more budget-friendly price point. Kristen is a size 18 and she's wearing the 2X comfortably. I am a size 20 and I am wearing the 3X. Don't forget that you can find Loralette in select Avenue stores to try things on and if you're not close to a store, you can shop everything online

Plus Size Skirted Romper

Plus Size Off The Shoulder Ruffle Dress

For Kristen, turning 30 wasn't the scary milestone she thought it would be. She celebrated it in style, proud of her accomplishments and ready to take on the world!

* This post was sponsored by Loralette but all thoughts and opinions are my own. This post also contains some affiliate links and I'll earn a small commission if you shop through them.  This is one of the ways I can continue to bring you amazing content!