If my recent birthday taught you anything about me, it's that I love a child's crown and gifts is my love language. I've been keeping a list of all of the badass fat positive, feminist items on my list for the holidays and since most brands need to have Holiday orders placed by December 15th, consider this your last minute guide too. 

Although I want to be mad at myself for not doing this gift guide sooner, the benefit of waiting was that other rad babes featured Ready to Stare on their gift guides and I found out about some new products from other brands to feature! Procrastination won this time. And a big thank you to Friend of Marilyn, The Militant Baker and Margot Meanie for including Ready to Stare on your round-ups. 

Here's a few of my favorite fat babe things I've acquired this year and a few still on my list!

1. You Don't Know Me 

You Don't Know Me Feminist Zine // etsy.com/shop/gemmaflack

I found this zine on Tumblr and immediately bought it. It's a great conversation started in my studio/showroom about dressing for you. At $2.36, the price is RIGHT. And $1 from the sale of every zine goes to the International Women's Development Agency. 

2. Sluts With Guts 

Sluts With Guts Tee /// chubbycartwheels.com

This tee from Chubby Cartwheels is pure perfection. It's fat positive and sex positive and we don't see enough of these two things together! 

3. The Little Book of Big Babes

The Little Book of Big Babes /// createspace.com

I'm featured in this book. Do you really need another reason to buy it than that? JK. Here's a really long post about why this book is so great. 

4. Pizza Necklace 

Pizza Acrylic Necklace /// readytostare.com

If you thought this gift guide wouldn't feature a shameless Ready to Stare plug, you must not know 'bout me. This necklace sold out in one hour of first being listed on our site so the indie designer who makes these for #Staretique rushed and made us more just in time for the tail end of holiday shopping for your favorite pizza sister.

 5. Back Fat Is Bitchin'

Back Fat Is Bitchin' Patch /// etsy.com/shop/kirstywinters

 I saw this patch months ago but made the mistake of not favoriting the designer who made it. Luckily, Cat from Friend of Marilyn featured this on her Fatlicious gift guide! Now the only question is who is getting me this for Christmas? 

6. Fattitude Empowerment Kit

Fattitude Empowerment Kit /// fattitudethemovie.squarespace.com

If you've watched the Fattitude trailer than you know how amazing this documentary is going to be once it's completed! The Fattitude Empowerment Kit gets you a whole bunch of goodies and goes directly towards completing the film. This was another awesome feature on Friend of Marilyn too!

7. Take Up Space

Take Up Space Mug /// redbubble.com/people/glorifyobesity

It's no secret that I love the artist Rachele Cateyes and her shop, Glorifying Obesity. It's nearly impossible to pick just one confident fat babe item from her shop but this design pretty much sums it up for me. 

8. Haters

Haters Headband, etsy.com/shop/LeVero

 So I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the word "haters." I think often times in the fat community it can be used to avoid accountability. But when I love the word haters, it's the perfect word to describe internet trolls. I found this item on Margot Meanie's Gift Guide and the rest of her items are totally rad too! 

9. Photoshop This 

Photoshop This Tee /// readytostare.com

This tee is my response to trolls and one of the best sellers from the Thank You For Staring collection. 

10. Can't Tell Me Nothing

Can't Tell Me Nothing /// radandrefined.com

The ultimate in hater blockers.

 11. Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls /// amazon.com

I had the lucky opportunity to review Jes Baker aka The Militant Baker's book, Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls for The Curvy Fashionista and it's really a great read for people at all stages of their self love journey. 

12. R.I.P

R.I.P. Art Print /// joannathangiah.storenvy.com

I found artist Joanna Thangiah on The Militant Baker's awesome gift guide. I really identified with a lot of her work but this one is my personal fave. 

 13. Plus Size Bloggers Tote

Plus Size Bloggers Tote /// redbubble.com/people/murderofgoths

Artist MurderOfGoths has such a unique and recognizable style. I've been illustrated by her twice and been truly blown away both times. This tote is an awesome tribute to confident fat babes. 

14. Chub Club Member 

Official Chub Club Member Tee, etsy.com/shop/thetinyhobo

The Tiny Hobo makes totally badass fat positive art and puts it on apparel and accessories that you can't help but eat right up. 

15. Slut Lipstick

Slut Lipstick /// thesmearcampaign.com

There's nothing specifically fat positive about this lipstick except that owning my sexuality and wearing bright ass lipstick has been huge in my own self love journey. The Smear Campaign is dedicated changing the conversation around female sexuality and removing the stigma that these words may carry. 

 16. Custom Illustration

Custom Jonquel Norwood Illustrations /// E-mail Jonquel@Jonquel.com

I swear I'm not biased because my illustration is in this flyer but Jonquel is the shit! And a custom illustration at $50 is a total steal! If you want other products from Jonquel check out her pieces in Staretique.

I hope everyone enjoys this list and learns about a few new artists and fat babes to support this holiday season!