"How would you describe your personal style?"

As a plus size fashion blogger, it's a question I've been getting a lot lately and every time I struggle to answer it. Mostly because I feel like my style is full of contradictions: it's not at all uncommon for me to wear all black yet I also love bright colors. Sometimes I dress like a Golden Girl and sometimes I'm infusing menswear alongside traditionally feminine pieces. I would say the one common thread is that my style is bold. I find this a necessary time to remind people that as a plus size middle schooler I owned red pleather rattleskin pants. My style always been loud because that's what has always felt authentic to me. And that's the part of Ready to Stare that really comes from my personal style. 

Recently, Ready to Stare got rejected from something because the products were deemed "shocking." At this point, I am used to rejection. It's part of running a business/being a human. But I have to say that I was shocked myself for that reasoning. I think it's no secret that one word that one never be used to describe my style would be "boring" but I never design anything intentional to shock people. Make you think, yes. Make you uncomfortable, that's on you. But designed to specifically to shock? Not my style. If you are shocked by a confident fat girl, I'm probably not the designer or blogger for you.

If bold, loud, and confident are all words I would use to describe my personal style then versatile is another one. In vain of versatility, I decided to infuse my personal style alongside dresses from an awesomely classic plus size brand, IGIGI. I love IGIGI because the dresses have a timeless, effortless feel to them. And while classic isn't a word anyone would likely associate with my personal style or Ready to Stare, I knew that I could add some of my own edge to these pieces and share some tips along the way.

1) Over-Accessorize


Between the colors, the stripes, and the cut-out neckline, there's a lot of great stuff already happening on this dress. But in true #StareStyle fashion, I wanted more. I added a big 'ole pair of hoops, my favorite Ready to Stare belt and chunky wedges. If there's one thing I know to be true, it's that more is more. If you want to edge up a classic look, don't grab just grab one accessory, grab ten. Also, one personal note about this dress is that it was definitely too long for me to wear without wedges. If you are short like me and want to wear it with flats, you will need to tailor it. 

 Outfit details:

 Jillie Plus Size Maxi Dress in Blue c/o IGIGI 

Gold Layered Chain Belt, Ready To Stare

Gold Rope Hoops, Rainbow 

Black Wedges, Dots (similar

 2) Style Head To Toe 



What better way to combine my love of black with my affinity for bold colors than pairing this dreamy LBD with a pair of bright striped heels? Although these pieces couldn't be more opposite, I love them both so much. The ruching is the obvious star of the dress but it features a really great surprise element for someone like me who is smaller on the top than the bottom: the neckline is elastic too! I often find myself wearing camis underneath v-neck dresses to counterbalance gaping fabric around my bust and this elastic element allowed me to ditch the cami. Since the main element of interest was on my feet, I added of a pair of RTS shades to make this a head to toe look. 

Outfit details: 

 Ambrosia Plus Size Dress In Black c/o IGIGI 

Caged Metal Sunglasses in Gold, Ready to Stare 

Striped Heels, Shoe Show

3) Add A Bold Lip


I first found this dress while researching possible plus size Halloween costumes at regular retailers. It automatically reminded me something that Joan Holloway would wear on Mad Men. I usually shy away from wrap dresses mostly because they are something plus size women are told we are supposed to wear to hide our bodies and I prefer celebrating my body. But the color and Holloway vibes totally won me over and once I added a bold purple lip and thick gold chain, this dress felt like me. 

Outfit details: 

Dominique Dress in Jade c/o IGIGI

Short Gold Chain Necklace, Ready To Stare

Simply Vamp in Temptress, NYX 

So what did I realize in putting all of these looks together? My style is always evolving and even if I can't put define always translate my personal style into words, I wear what I like and that's good enough for me.