This is a unique #StareStyle post in that it features looks from both myself wearing a favorite brand and the designer of that brand wearing Ready to Stare. So meta. So good. 

I first met Jessica of Proud Mary Fashion when she approached me about carrying Ready to Stare in her store and I am proud to say you can still find Ready to Stare on! Jessica has an amazing eye and the lookbooks she creates are truly killer. Over the past few months, Jessica and I have become close and I even got the opportunity to attend Magic Market Week with her in Vegas in August. 

I could go on and on about why I love Jessica but reading that would probably make her barf so I won't. Here we both are wearing Ready To Stare and Proud Mary Fashion. 


Shirt Dress: Ready To Stare  

Clutch: Proud Mary Fashion

Jacket: From Asos curve forever ago.

Shoes: From Torrid forever ago.

Necklace: Vintage playboy.

Lipstick: OCC Lip Tar in Metallic


Bodysuit: Proud Mary Fashion

Belt: Ready to Stare

Skirt: Rainbow 

Tights: We Love Colors

Shoes: Gabe's