So I took these #StareStyle photos during the summer and never around to posting but I say better late than never. This post was inspired by a shopping experience with my mom, my straight size cousin and my plus size best friend. We decided to take a day trip to a big outdoor mall in Columbus. I grew up going to this mall every August for back to school shopping and I hadn't been since I moved back to Ohio. I hoped it was as good as I remembered.

As much as I love shopping online now, there's something I still value about being able to try stuff on in person before purchasing. Growing up, the dressing room experience was always one I found frustrating because I hated the way clothes fit my plus size body but now I feel frustration shopping in person because there aren't enough options to fit the plus size body that I love. 

When we got there, it seemed like there were hundreds of stores but our excitement quickly faded. While my cousin went in store after store, my best friend and I waited for her on a bench too small for our asses and took a million selfies because that seemed more fun than looking through racks of clothes that will never fit you. Midway through the trip, the only thing I had bought was a pair of hot pink socks. At one point, my mom yelled at the salesperson at Victoria's Secret for not carrying plus size and I picked out clothes for my cousin that I knew she would never wear.

Both my mom and my cousin felt bad that there were no stores with plus size but my best friend and I weren't even surprised. We decided to go to H&M since some of their stores carry plus. We figured it was worth a shot, but when we asked the salesperson where we could find plus size in the two-story H&M, he told us that they didn't carry it. We should look online. I didn't sit my ass in the car for two hours to shop online. 

After sitting on the corner of an elevated mannequin stand for about 30 minutes waiting for my cousin to try stuff on at H&M, my best friend and I decided to just look at the sale section for fun. Much to our surprise, we found these oversized t-shirts that had been cut into crops. Oversized t-shirt crop in straight size = tight plus size crop top for me. I loved even more that the crop top was covered with the Barbie logo. 

We finally decided to call over to a Charlotte Russe at a totally different mall to see if they had plus size and when we got the go-ahead, we dropped the big outdoor mall and headed over there just so that we could actually shop in the small plus size section at Charlotte Russe.

We found the plus size section at Charlotte Russe buried in the back of the store. There were clothes all over the group and straight size clothes misplaced there. There were unmarked sale racks that had both straight sizes and plus mixed together. I did find this acid wash skater skirt and knew all three of the pieces I had found that day would make for a good look, one born out of frustration but proof that I'm gonna find a way to make a look no matter how much I am ignored by mainstream retailers. I finished it all with a Ready to Stare Lucy belt