My lovely intern Kari got an assignment from her internship coordinator that she had to take a photo of herself in her work environment. Determined to show how badass we are at the Ready to Stare HQ, we decided to do a joint #StareStyle in some of the new items we are working on for the upcoming Ready to Stare summer body chain collection.

I've never done a joint #StareStyle with anyone so I was trying to explain to Kari the feel that I usually go for as I layered on more rings, a necklace, a belt, socks, and so on. During this description, I blurted out "I'm not a minimalist;" to which Kari essentially said "Duh." I think when it comes to personal style, you need to know yourself and who you are. There are no rules to personal style -- wear what you like. I actually feel uncomfortable and embarrassed when I am not dripping in chains. Gaudiness is my nature. I'm still learning Kari's personal style but this was a fun way for us to learn more about each other.

The goal of #StareStyle has always been to show you how I would style Ready to Stare pieces so I wanted Kari to inject her own personal style into it and show how she would style the pieces we had been working on. She's wearing one of the garter thigh chains that we have been working on. We are working a few different styles and making sure that they work for any size thigh. She also took a trip through the Ready to Stare vintage racks and found a few pieces that I haven't been able to incorporate into any posts yet because they aren't my size.

I've been dying to do a #StareStyle with this Feminine Funk "Beyonce Knows Best" sweatshirt. I bought it during Feminine Funk's Black Friday sale and it's been a wardrobe staple since then! The owner of Feminine Funk, Nicole, actually grabbed a belt from Ready to Stare during my Black Friday sale too. I love to see support rather than competition between us indie designers. Plus "Why Don't You Love Me" is one of my favorite Beyonce songs so how could I pass this up? I paired it with my new quilted skater skirt from Vox Curvy Couture. I love how short this skirt is and the weight of the fabric is perfect for spring. Both items are available up to 3X as well. The belt is a preview from the new collection and is available XS-5X.


Sheer Top: Vintage, Ready to Stare

Lace Bustier: Vintage, Ready to Stare

Black Muff, Ready to Stare

Thigh Chain, Ready to Stare custom 

Shorts & Shoes: Personal


"Beyonce Knows Best" Sweatshirt, Feminine Funk

Quilted Skater Skirt, Vox Curvy Couture

Nagini Smitten LintTint Mousse, LA Splash Cosmetics

The Lucy Layered Belt, Ready to Stare

White Alpaca Cross Body Bag, Ready to Stare

Trill Rings, Ready to Stare

Fishnet socks: Target

Shoes: Personal (a.k.a so old I don't remember)


 This post was originally published on March 20, 2015.