When I first saw the promo photos of the latest GabiFresh for Swimsuitsforall's Swim Sexy line, I knew that I had to get one. I was won over by the palm print "Paradise Found" fatkini because it reminded me of Blanche Devereaux's wallpaper on Golden Girls. As you may have realized based on my latest collection, I think Blanche serves glamour and confidence effortlessly -- two things I certainly want to evoke when wearing a bikini.

Last summer, I made the mistake of getting a cheap bikini from Forever 21. And while it looked cute enough to land me a feature on Buzzfeed, it had zero support and gave me a wacky tanline because the straps were not removable. I decided to treat myself to the GabiFresh bikini because these are suits made for plus size women by plus size women. I took comfort in the fact that Gabi understands what a plus size woman wants in her bikini.

I knew that last year Gabi's suits sold out quickly and all the blogs were warning they would sell out again this year. I did my homework and looked up the size chart in advance. You need to know your measurements and go based off of those. I also made sure that I could order a different size for the bottom than the top because I figured out that I need a 24 on the bottom and a 22 on top.

When it came down to the release date in January, I did what I do when I am trying to get Beyonce concert tickets, I pulled up the site on two different computers and refreshed constantly until the suits released. I knew exactly what I wanted and acted quick! And lucky for y'all, all of my prepping was unnecessary because the suit is still available.

I figured I wouldn't have a chance to wear it until the summer but when I got an invite out to Phoenix for Vox Fashion Week, this bikini was the first item I packed. I hadn't really considered wearing the Dorothy cape as a coverup until someone suggested it on Instagram. A genius idea! I added the layered chain belt and sunglasses from Domino Dollhouse to complete the look.


"Paradise Found" Bikini by GabiFresh for Swim Sexy

Dorothy Cape by Ready to Stare

Layered Chain Belt by Ready to Stare

Slick Kitty Sunglasses in Dark Tortoise by Domino Dollhouse


 This post was originally published on March 19, 2015.