It seems these days, I can't leave the studio without being covered in remnants of faux fur thanks to the success of the faux fur fanny packs and cross body bags. What started as a single custom order fanny pack has now turned into bags and fanny packs in five different fur styles with more on the way. And while I absolutely adore these new accessories, it's faux fur coats that have always had my heart. Here's a few reasons why I am loving faux fur coats this winter (and always).

Ever since I first saw Lil Kim's "Crush on You" video, I've wanted a big faux fur coat. Preferably, I wanted an exact replica to her blue coat but I would've settled for any coat slightly similar. Throughout the late 90s and early 2000s, fur to me said "I'm gaudy. I'm glamour. And I don't give a fuck what you think."

And these days, fur continues to make a statement. I think anyone who has watched Empire has lusted for a set of white nails and a "my $400,000 started this company" fur. Cookie's style is a reflection of her attitude. She's powerful, confident, and fearless.

The only coat I've ever seen similar to Lil Kim's "Crush on You" is the electric blue KYE coat worn by Rihanna in late 2014. And that's not the only flawless fur moment she's had over the past few months either.

And last but certainly not least in my love affair with fur is Nicki Minaj. She wore a tan colored fur to Marc Jacobs' Fall 2015 show at NYFW and she teased us on IG with this pink feathered Versace fur for the "Throw Some Mo" video.

Whether faux or real, colored or natural, fur is having a moment this winter. It's only been nearly 20 years since I first fell in love with fur in the "Crush on You" video so naturally, I was GEEKED when I found this vintage faux fur coat in my size. The rainbow speckled lining screamed 80s and it gave my gaudy heart a little comfort to know I wasn't wearing a plain all black coat. I've been waiting for the perfect occasion to wear this dress from Monif C. I've always loved the construction of her designs but they've always been out of my price range. I stay stalking her sale section though and it paid off when I snagged this dress for less than $40! The entire dress features a netted fabric over an electric blue inner lining and the sleeves are just netting. The shoulders feature a leather detailing -- a subtly sexy detail that Monif C is known for. Since the rest of the outfit was so dark, I paired it with the Ready to Stare thick gold body chain and made it all pop by posing next to a giant snow mound.

Outfit details:

Coat: Vintage, Ready to Stare

Dress: Monif C

Body chain: Thick gold body chain, Ready to Stare

Shoes: Torrid 


Now go forth and channel your inner Cookie.

This post was originally published on February 23, 2015.