This winter, I've been really struggling to motivate myself to wear anything besides three pairs of thermal leggings. To say that a year of living in Atlanta spoiled me weather-wise is an understatement! But after my mom decided to do an unexpected winter clean-out of her closet, inspiration struck. After peeping of all of the clothes, I'm pretty sure she hasn't done a closet cleaning since before the early 90s because there was vintage gems galore. And I really cleaned up! When I stumbled upon this polka dot blouse and tank, I knew I had to brave the snow and make this polka dot look happen.

I've been obsessing over polka dots since the beginning of Fall so when I made this polka dot skirt for Ready to Stare, it was was supposed to be my fix. But the obsession wasn't fully fulfilled until I found the contrasting polka dot blouse and tank from my mom's closet.

To break up ALL of that polka dot, I went for one of my go-to Ready to Stare staples - the layered gold chain belt and a brand new item - the pink faux fur cross body bag.

I complimented the whole look with another obsession: liquid to matte lipstick. It literally stays on for two days and the coverage and matte look are exactly the bold aesthetic that I aim for.


Skirt: Polka Dot Mini only one available in size 3X/4X.

Belt: Layered Gold Chain Belt available in sizes XS-5X

Bag: Pink Faux Fur Crossbody 

Blouse and tank: Vintage


This post was originally published on January 23, 2015.