In 2009, I co-founded my first small fashion business with two of my best friends. We sold vintage and thrifted clothes and most everything was under $20. We sold some online but we mostly did in person events. Flash forward to 2014, I come across a business that is cornering that market except she's doing it online and with plus size clothes!

I first found Cat's Closet when she entered one of my Instagram giveaways. I quickly noticed her positive attitude and her hustle. Homegirl was pushing those thrifted clothes and I appreciated it! She reminded me a lot of myself in my days selling vintage and thrifted clothes.

One of the main differences between selling vintage and selling handmade goods is that you can't resell the vintage items more than once. So it means you do a lot of the same things you do in a handmade business but you have to them more often -- you can't reuse photos because you are never selling the same item. You have to source product far more often. And because the price points are lower, you need to post a lot of content. It's a lot of work -- probably way more work than people realize.

Cat's Closet posts new items once a week. All clothing items are plus size (XL-3X mostly) and she often adds shoes and accessories too! You can always count on finding a cute vintage blazer and a sharp pencil skirt on her site. Around Halloween time, Cat personally put together thrifted costumes. I would've never thought of an idea like this but it was genius! She put together all the components so someone could have a one-of-a-kind costume without sourcing every piece themselves. She's also doing an upcoming holiday campaign too and you'll see some Ready to Stare pieces featured alongside her tacky and classy pieces.


I was lucky enough to snag this royal blue one-shoulder dress from Cat's Closet before anyone else. It's a size 1X which is definitely not my size but thanks to Cat's descriptions, I had a feeling that it was stretchy enough to fit. I paired it with the new Ready to Stare gold chain anklets and layered gold chain bracelet. I can't remember the last time that an anklet fit around an ankle my size. I made these chain anklets adjustable and they can be customized larger or smaller by request. These anklets come as a pair which I think is a great deal!

This post was originally published on November 12, 2014.