Today marks a very exciting addition to the Ready to Stare blog -- a monthly blogger spotlight! As Ready to Stare continues to grow,  I get a chance to see how all different kinds of beautiful folks style my designs. It's truly inspiring to me. I wanted to create the blogger spotlight to highlight some of the body positive babes that inspire me!

This blogger spotlight focuses on 24 year-0ld Chelsea Memmolo of the blog Chelsea Is Workin On It. I first found the Delaware-based blogger when she answered one of my blogger calls for a preview of my Fall Collection. I later stalked her blog for hours and afterwards told my best friend that I think I had found my blogger twin because I literally would wear every single outfit on her blog.

First of all, Chelsea is a photographer by trade so her photos are on point. When it comes to her clothes, Chelsea's confidence and IDGAF attitude radiate through her outfit posts. She's not stuffed into shape-wear or hiding her stomach when she's wearing a crop top.  She's comfortable with her body and  it's clear she wears what she likes and has zero fucks to give about what anyone else has to say to about it. Her shoe collection is absolutely next level. Whether she's in timbs or platforms, her shoes always add a little something extra to her looks. In addition to inspiring through her styling, Chelsea speaks openly about her relationship in a way that doesn't make you wanna barf. She also discusses mental health in a way that I found very refreshing.

Below you can read my interview with Chelsea and see how she styled a few Ready to Stare favorites!

Ready to Stare:  Why did you decide to start a blog? 


Chelsea Memmolo: I wanted to help represent something more than loving your body. A lot of the blogs I was following had very idealized body types and seemed to have expensive clothes. They wrote mostly about the clothes. I couldn't afford them. And I didn't have a flat tummy. I wanted to represent something more than pretty clothes. My main goal was to show love to my mind AND body, using fashion as the vessel. Mind-love was missing from the body positive world. I felt like that was where I was needed.


RTS: For someone who has never read your blog, how would you describe it?


CM: Honest, sometimes a little wild, hopefully inspiring, positive in every way.


RTS: What is something that someone will see on your blog that they probably haven't seen before?


CM: Very open talk about my personal struggles with mental illness.


RTS: I am obsessed with your personal style. How would you describe it?


CM: It changes depending on event. I can be wearing a dress and tights one day, or Timberlands the next, lots of crops, but always pretty daring.


RTS: What is your best advice for someone who is scared to take fashion risks because of their size?


CM: Be comfortable. The first time I tried on a body con dress I was so scared. I had always loved them but was way too scared of my tummy outline. FINALLY I tried it on and I felt amazing. The thought of what other people were thinking just left my head and it was all uphill from there. I started taking more risks because I felt great. Trying stuff on never hurts, so take chances and if you LOVE it, do it.


RTS: I am a big fan of anyone who can talk openly about all parts of their life -- including the parts that may make certain people uncomfortable.  You talk a lot on your blog about not only self love and body acceptance but you also discuss being bipolar and bisexual. What made you decide to include this part of your life on your blog when so many others shy away from these topics?


CM: Anyone with a severe mental illness knows that it becomes your life. How could I be open with my followers and not talk about it? My goal in life is try and erase stigma, make mental illness a more talked about subject, and correct misconceptions about it. I tell my followers when I'm upset and how I'm dealing with it, or if I can't. I am a human and I don't want to act like I'm some magical thing that doesn't have problems. I'm hoping that anyone who reads my posts about dealing with bipolar is inspired, as well as educated to what it's really like.


Also, I'm just an open person. The kind that blurts things out and likes to be real. You never know when what you're going through will speak to others.


RTS: You get A LOT of questions on your blog. What is your favorite question you've ever received?


CM: Dating stuff probably. I definitely want the ladies to know they are worth everything and don't need to settle.


RTS:  You and your boyfriend are fucking adorable. It seems like you have a really good relationship. What makes your relationship work?


CM: I think the main thing is that we've been honest from the beginning. Also since the night we met, we've pretty much been in love. I think we complement each other really well. The right amount of differences. We love to cook together, watch battle rap, and go to concerts. We started the first 6 months of our relationship as long distance. But now we live close to each other and it's only gotten better. Words can't describe how grateful I am for him being in my life.


RTS:  Ready to Stare is all about loving yourself and being confident in who you are both mentally and physically which is what makes you a perfect blogger spotlight. In your eyes, what makes you Ready to Stare?


CM: I don't really care too much if people don't like me. I try my best to take care of my mind first. All the struggles I've been through have given me a lot of confidence in myself to handle things, anything. I've learned a lot and I've come a LONG way. I'm proud of myself, so the little things just don't bother me as much anymore. If someone doesn't like my sliver of tummy in my crop top, sorry I have more things to worry about.


RTS: And finally --- french fries or pizza?


CM: Fries. With cheese. And sour cream. And bacon. Or ranch too. Just toppings. ALL THE TOPPINGS.


Chelsea in the I'm Major crop top
Thanks again to Chelsea for being my first blogger spotlight.
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This post was originally published on November 11, 2014.