I am constantly on the hunt for alternatives to the few mainstream plus size lingerie options and Curvy Couture was the first online brand that I tried out last June. Before Curvy Couture came into my life, there was only one style of bra that I really wore because I just really didn't know what else was out there that was comfortable, sexy and available in my size.

I have to admit that I was nervous about getting a bra that I hadn't tried on first. But picking something out online actually helped me step out of my comfort zone. I skipped padding for a change and opted for a lace balconette instead of my usual push-up. I was in love!  

I think not seeing the bra on myself before purchase actually helped quell some of those old insecurities about my not-so-perky breasts that can creep up in the dressing room. In those moments, I remind myself that I've been taught an unrealistic beauty standard that all breasts should be large and round when in reality, there are seven different breast shapes.This review presented an opportunity to step of my comfort zone once again, try three new bra styles and see myself through a different lens. 

I was having a bad body image day along with feeling generally anxious when I set out to take these images for the review. My skin was broken out. My hair was really frizzy and I just wasn't feeling myself. Since I was on a deadline (read to the end and you'll see why), I couldn't put off taking these images. This presented an added challenge to the already complicated feelings that I have about wearing lingerie. But the more I do it, the easier it becomes. 

Afterwards, I realized this presented an opportunity for me to discuss something that's important to my self-love process. Whether or not I am feeling myself on a particular day does not dictate my beauty. My worth doesn't waiver even when I may struggle to see it. Throughout my self love journey, I will continue to have days like this alongside days where I love the fuck out of myself. Having these days doesn't make me less body positive. It's called a journey for a reason. 

When I have days like this, I try to call on some of my self love tools: being extra kind to myself, spending time with people I love, taking selfies, and putting together a look that I love. It turns out that wearing this lingerie on this day was really just what I needed. By the time I put the last piece of lingerie on, I was looking in the mirror like DAMN GIRL. 

Cotton T-Shirt Bra

 Cotton Luxe T-Shirt Bra

Like I said earlier, I lived in push-up bras so I haven't worn a cotton bra since my training bra days. I'm wearing the 44DD. Putting it on, I was immediately conscious of how thin the fabric felt compared to the amount of padding that I'm used to. But the longer I wore it, the more I realized that I was actually less conscious of wearing this bra. It was breathable and comfortable. Personally, it was a freeing feeling for me to wear a bra with zero push-up. And since it had an under-wire, I still felt supported in a way that bralettes have failed me. The lace detailing and thin straps made this bra feel sexy to me in a way that I never thought a t-shirt bra could. 

Cheetah T-Shirt Bra & Panty

Lace Shine T-Shirt Bra & Lace Boyshort

I had to do a double take at the packing slip when I saw that this bra because it didn't fit any of my pre-conceived notions of t-shirt bras. The sheen of the cheetah fabric alongside the lace detailing on the front and sides made this something that definitely aligned with my gaudy sensibilities. I couldn't wait to wear this with something mesh and that OOTD is on the way, trust me! But what separated this cheetah print bra from the many I've had in the past is all-day comfort. And while the comfort was similar to the cotton t-shirt bra, this one felt more supportive. For reference, I'm wearing the 44DD. 

I have a personal affinity for high-waisted panties. You call them granny panties and I call them fucking comfortable. These boyshorts, in a size 22/24, hit a little lower on my stomach than something I would probably normally wear but I still really liked them and found them more comfortable than the majority of boyshorts I've tried. I will note that the sides are fully sheer lace but I have another pair of black panties underneath for the purpose of these images. 

Cheetah Print Corset

Animal Attraction Corset  

I never thought I would ever wear a corset. I was nervous that wearing one would veer too close to a waist trainer or shapewear and I'm not looking for undergarments that hide my fat. When I put this on, I liked that I didn't feel like it altered my body too much. I'll admit that I had no idea how I was supposed to put this on and I did have to enlist my best friend for help.  

The fit overall was also a pleasant surprise. I'm wearing the 22/24. I assumed that my breasts wouldn't fill it out as is sometimes the case when lingerie is in number sizing instead of bra sizing. But this is actually probably the best fitting piece of lingerie that I've ever worn. I also assumed this would be uncomfortable but once I was able to get it on, I didn't feel constricted in the least. I will note that it laces up in the back but I didn't go out of my way to tie it tight. So I actually liked wearing a corset. I guess a cheetah CAN change her spots y'all. 

 Final Thoughts 

I tried out four different products that veered from my lingerie comfort zone and I was still able to prioritize my personal style and comfort. Trying out these t-shirt bras totally transformed my idea of what a plus size t-shirt bra looks like. And wearing a corset for the first time certainly proved more comfortable than I ever expected. I will say that band-wise, I'm right at the top of Curvy Couture's size range (though they offer up to an H cup!) and I would love to see these styles extended into more sizes for my 46+ babes. I have no doubt that's something that's already on their radar. 

A Special Offer!

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