As you hopefully read last week on the blog, I was in Phoenix March 6-8 for Vox Fashion Week. The trip came to fruition because Andy,the owner of Vox Curvy Couture, wanted to be the first boutique to show the new Spring Collection, Let Them Eat Cheesecake. And boy did Andy and her team roll out the red carpet for this collection! After presenting the collection on March 7 during an exclusive mixer, I had the opportunity to show the pieces on live models which included myself and Andy too. We were lucky enough to have our hair done by one of the models Danielle who owns the vibrant Hair or Dye Salon. While Danielle was completing my hair masterpiece, we shared our business stories and I was very inspired by her journey as  business owner and model. Danielle asked how I wanted my hair done and I responded the same thing I always do when I am getting my hair done professionally, "BIG." For a full-blooded Italian woman, I am sadly inept at teasing my hair. And as you'll see in the photos, Danielle more than achieved my request. My hair stayed in tact throughout this photoshoot, a trip to the pool, and an overnight five hour flight squished next to the window -- if that doesn't prove Danielle's teasing abilities I don't know what does! The 4th model Danese was an absolute sweetheart too and happened to be from the small town in Pennsylvania as my dad. She came to all three days of events and she even gifted me a pair of her old acid wash joggers that you will be seeing in a #StareStyle soon. The kindness that I was shown by Danielle and Danese was very much in line with the behavior exhibited by ALL of the models I had the pleasure of working with throughout the weekend. The VOX models are a true testament to the culture Andy has created at VOX -- positive, caring and confident!

We are all wearing the same original 3X samples so this shoot was designed to further illustrate the versatility of this collection. We shot this right outside VOX which was the perfect backdrop.




Danielle is wearing the "Meet Me On The Lanai" crop top, the "Sophia" skater skirt and a short gold chain.




Danese is wearing the "Blanche" dress.



Andy is wearing the "Miami at Midnight" crop top and the "Thank You for Being A Friend" trumpet skirt.




I am wearing the "Rose" wrap dress which is already sold out in peach but still available in black and the layered gold chain belt.

Thank you again to everyone at VOX for hosting me! 

This post was published on March 17, 2015.