Much of running a small business is about becoming comfortable doing two very important things -- building relationships and taking risks. When Andy, the owner of Vox Curvy Couture, asked if I would be interested in showing the Spring Collection, Let Them Eat Cheesecake, at Vox, my initial was, "YES!" My second reaction was, "How is this gonna work?"

Ready to Stare and Vox have been working together since June 2014. Since then, Ready to Stare has had a constant presence in Vox's Phoenix storefront which carries sizes S-6X and only works with indie designers who manufacturing humanely. Not only are our aesthetic similar, but our business principles are also. It was a natural fit for Vox to be the first store to show the new collection. Andy and her amazing event planner Sarah ended up creating a whole weekend of events starring Ready to Stare called Vox Fashion Week. The events included a tent at Phoenix's First Fridays, a trunk show, fashion show, a presentation of Let Them Eat Cheesecake and even a photoshoot.  I'll be doing a separate post showcasing all of the amazing photos from the shoot so stay tuned for that.

As soon as I arrived in Phoenix, I felt so welcomed by Andy, her staff and her models. Even though I had personally never been to Phoenix, everyone already knew me much in credit to Andy being such a strong advocate for Ready to Stare. It was so nice that instead of explaining who I am to everyone, there was a whole crop of people who were already fans! I even got to an induction as a honorary Phoenix girl by amazing bloggers Crystal of Sometimes Glam, Jolene of Boardroom Blonde and Nicole of Curves on a Budget. I had such a blast getting to know them and hearing their advice for designing and working with bloggers. The welcome I received in Phoenix will be tough for another city to top!

Throughout the weekend, I really learned a lot from Andy about how things work on the retail side. She offered me great advice on what retailers look for and her models offered great feedback as well. I learned that VOX means "voice" in Latin which makes sense because that's exactly what Andy gives to her customers. Her models are not only size inclusive but trans inclusive. Andy's passion for body positivity and fashion empowerment are right in line with mine.

It was truly a magical weekend! I cannot wait to go back to Phoenix to spend more time with Andy and her team!

The Ready to Stare Trunk Show at Vox

Nicole of Curves on A Budget, Crystal of Sometimes Glam, Jolene of Boardroom Blonde, Alysse of Ready to Stare and Andy of Vox Curvy Couture
The Ready to Stare x VOX Fashion Show


Special thanks to Absolutely Radiant Events and Photography for some of the photos featured here!

 This post was originally published on March 13, 2015.