I've known Randi, the owner of GLOSSRAGS, since Ready to Stare first started in 2012. I had the pleasure of making her custom arm cuffs when we both still lived in Chicago. Over the past year, I've witnessed her brand's first release, the "And Counting" tees, catapult GLOSSRAGS into the national spotlight as protestors in Ferguson sported the tees during October's Weekend of Resistance. When Randi approached me about collaborating with her on a new design, I was all too happy to dive into the project.

Ready to Stare and GLOSSRAGS are brands committed to fashion empowerment through conscious-raising designs. While GLOSSRAGS has been at the forefront of political fashion this year, Ready to Stare challenged societal beauty norms through #ReadytoStareWokeUpLikeDis. As designers, we aim to challenge the status quo whether it be politically or socially. We decided to design the "I Know You Care" tees not because we are both can't get 7-11 out of our heads but because of what we perceive to be the message behind the phrase. As a society, we are taught to hide our feelings lest we be perceived as weak. But vulnerability is what allows us to connect with others. Being open and honest about what you've been through allows you to reach others who need to know that someone else has been through what they've been through. We are all yearning for connection in a world that teaches us to keep others at a distant. We want to know that someone out there cares. Why is it so hard to show you care?

The "I Know You Care" tees are available now in the shop in unisex sizes S-4X (And the dice rings can also be found there too)! Ready to Stare & GLOSSRAGS invites you to share your photo on Instagram and Twitter using the #FunkTheFront #IKnowYouCare

This post was originally published on February 26, 2015.