On November 1, I will be relocating Ready to Stare to my hometown of Northeast Ohio. When I first moved away from Ohio at the age of 18 to Chicago, I couldn't wait to be away from there. I felt suffocated by suburban living and craved a city of way of life and thinking. Now more than 8 years later, I have decided the best thing for me right now is to be back among my family and friends while I continue to grow my business. In addition, Ready to Stare will  be moving into a beautiful studio/showroom outside of my apartment for the first time ever!  I look forward to taking lots of selfies here.

Ready to Stare is not just my dream -- it's my life's work. Two years ago, I did my first trunk show with my friend the amazing nail artist, Spifster. I remember complaining to her then about how hard it was to work a full-time job and run a business. It's funny to think about it now since the business has grown so much. I had it easy then but I digress! I remember very clearly Spif's advice. "Why don't you just move home? If you want to make Ready to Stare your only job you need to make sacrifices."

I was almost appalled at the thought of moving home. Chicago was my home. I was determined to make it work there. Once it became clear that a change was necessary, I picked Atlanta only to realize after a few months that Spif was right all along. You can read more about my move to Atlanta here.

I look forward to being closer to both Chicago and New York where Ready to Stare is shown so much love. But having the support of my friends and family on a daily basis is truly invaluable and I cannot wait to be back and involved in the growing Cleveland fashion scene.

When I read the Sports Illustrated article that Lebron James was coming back to Cleveland, one quote stuck out to me:

"In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have." 

I have that Northeast Ohio work ethic ingrained in my every fiber and I am ready to continue to work for my dreams. I know it won't be easy, but I am ready. I appreciate everyone who has supported me thus far in my journey towards my dream and I look forward to what's to come.

In honor of this symbolic move, I am going back to basics and cleaning out my personal closet. From now until October 23, you can shop more than  225 items from myself and Mz. Kristen! All proceeds from the sale go directly towards our cross-country trip.

Shop here: https://readytostareclosetsale.bigcartel.com

[Tee by Ohio Against the World]

This post was originally published on September 26, 2014.