"Growing up I have never been one of the popular guys, but I have always had a nice, loving, & loyal group of friends.  I have learned to be comfortable with being the underdog.  I have also learned to be confident & comfortable in the skin I am in.  I have definitely never been rich, but somehow I have always had what I needed, especially right now & by the grace of God, even though I may be currently struggling financially to some from the outside in, I am RICH in so many other spectrums of my life that the money reflected in bank account (or lack there of on some days) really doesn't even phase me.  I just know that this new path I am taking in my career & life under the name "TARZAN" will soon reap so many monetary & life benefits that my entire world will change for the better as I continue striving to inspire & bless so many others with my gifts & talents.

As an adolescent & teenager, there were days I would question my existence.  The thoughts, feelings, music, clothing, et cetera that I connected with so deeply, the "cool kids" (that I sometimes looked up to) would tease, shun, & ridicule me for, including my own family ... & let's not even mention my lifestyle choices.  All of this brought on depression, anxiety, & even a few failed suicide attempts.  As I grew older, I became more comfortable & confident in what made me happy.  I began to mature in my skin & learn to love who I am.  Two years ago, when I decided to halt the pursuance of conquering the Commercial Dance Industry & redirect my focus on the Health/Fitness Industry by using my Pole & Dance training, I was scared.  Fucking terrified.  I was not sure on how it would be received or if it would be successful.  These days I am no longer afraid.  The feedback I hear daily from students & followers, by the way whom I ALL consider to be my family, is what motivates me to keep going & solidifies everything I'm doing.  TARZAN is more than just an Entertainer & Teacher, but a superhero to some & as crazy as it is to me to get so much attention all at once, I am becoming comfortable with it.  As Trevis, I may or may not now or ever have been liked or fit in with my peers, but I do know that I’m loved by many others ... & most importantly: I love myself.  I love Trevis. I love TARZAN.  I am far, far, FAR away from perfect ... & that's totally fine.  I seriously do not want to be.  I am completely comfortable with my labeled imperfections.  If I was perfect, I would be God ... & quite honestly I am NOT feeling that type of responsibility right now--or probably EVER.  I'm happy being me.  I have zero complaints about that.  I am so blessed.  I am thankful & I am happy to be alive ... & to everyone that does not understand or even like it, guess what: I love you too because I WOKE UP LIKE DIS!

Thank you, @readytostare!   Your movement & powerful message is truly redefining what the world views as being ***FLAWLESS.  I couldn't be more honored & humbled to be apart of the movement as well.  For that may God continue blessing you, sis!

*twists & waves hands in front of my face* #IWOKEUPLIKEDIS! #IWOKEUPLIKETHIS!
#GahDamn 3x's!"

Tarzan is flawless*

*being flawless isn’t the absence of flaws; it’s the absence of fear

This is Tarzan's story; follow him on Instagram @trevisjt.

This post was originally published on May 11, 2014