"More than anything I want to stop feeling invisible. It’s a devastating feeling to be in a bar or club or at a party and notice all of these attractive guys, and then notice that they’re looking at each other and never once looking at me. I spent my college years overweight and in an effort to drop the pounds I developed an eating disorder that brought my body down to unhealthy levels. For the past ten years I’ve struggled by trying to fit into what society would deem the right body. A body that guys would notice. A body that would cause someone not to see through me, but to actually see me. From this day forward I’m done trying to be what others want me to be. I am going to be noticed for what I do, and not what I look like."

Dan is flawless.*

*being flawless isn't the absence of flaws; it's the absence of fear

This is Dan's story.

This post was originally published on Apr 7, 2014